“It is important to serve your country and your community. When you put your heart and soul into something—when you put your hands on something—when you put your whole self into something—something happens, things grow, things get better.”

--Anthony Ayers



We must have collaborative efforts and build working relationships to address social issues and to bring down crime.


Engaging our youth early on about the importance in learning career path opportunities and the importance of investing back into their community through outreach efforts is key.


Serving warrants must be met with efficient processing and upholding the confidentiality and privacy that is needed to ensure the best results.


We must create more prevention programs for domestic violence as we continue to protect and keep victims safe.


Enhancing a healthier work environment requires having the right personnel working in their skillset to produce a high level of performance and professionalism.

Authorized by: Friends of Anthony Ayers for Sheriff, Tamikka Scott, Treasurer