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He Is "the Community Guy"

Growing up the son of a U.S. Army Corporal and a devoted mother, Anthony “Tony” L. Ayers, Sr. watched and learned from both parents whose “working” roots can be traced to farming, but whose lives blossomed into becoming successful business owners.  In Prince George’s County’s Pepper Mill Village in Capitol Heights, where the young Tony spent his childhood years, there were two important lessons he learned that would shape and mold him to this very day: 


The first lesson was: It is important to serve your country and your community. The second lesson was: When you put your heart and soul into something—when you put your hands on something—when you put your whole self into something, something happens, things grow, things get better.

learned from his parents, he enlisted and served in the United States Navy. After serving his country, Ayers was accepted into the Prince George’s County Police Department Training Academy in 1990. He then served as a police officer, and after 20 years of service, he retired with high honors. But when you are what many call a "human dynamo,” you never really retire from anything. Ayers went on to join the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department and was eventually appointed Deputy Chief of Police for the Town of Capitol Heights. In 2012, Anthony L. Ayers Sr. officially became Chief Anthony L. Ayers Sr.—Chief of Police for Capitol Heights, Maryland.

Chief Ayers... Chief Anthony L. Ayers, Sr... Tony...

A Human Dynamo... He has many names, but one is known above all others: “The Community Guy!”

If you live in Prince George’s County and you happen to see Anthony Ayers dressed in his Capitol Heights' Police Chief uniform, or if you see him dressed casually, nine chances out of 10 you will recognize him. You might even say what many say who see this “human dynamo” all over the county that he loves:

“He’s the community guy. We don’t know how he does it, but he’s everywhere!”

respect, value and appreciation for each other. This is the same belief that propelled Chief Ayers into being recognized as one the nation’s top law enforcement leaders, but he is more than just an outstanding police chief. He is a natural “bridgebuilder”—he brings people together. No wonder it was under his watch that crime went down and community collaboration went up. Among his efforts was the Joint Agency Group Unit or JAG Unit. This unit, comprised of federal, state and county agencies, addressed community concerns regarding problem housing and commercial establishments. During a two-year period, the team conducted more than 2,000 home visits and helped the community reduce violent crimes and property-related crimes to a 20-year low.

Perhaps what Chief Ayers is best known for is his creation called Unity in the Community. It is an annual parade and festival which brings together law enforcement and other organizations from Prince George’s County, the District of Columbia, and other local agencies. The Washington Post reported: "While there will be moon bounces and free food, Capitol Heights Chief Anthony Ayers said the event is also about addressing social issues—domestic violence, health and wellness, and job creation—to show that the police care about the community."

The second program that shows Chief Ayers is on the leading edge of community concerns is a program he introduced that involves bullying prevention where he continues to work with the youth and with local schools to help prevent and stop bullying before it happens.

“I want to build a safer and a stronger bond between law enforcement and community. For me, I have found this to be a rewarding, continuous, never-ending process,” said Chief Ayers. “So, whether it is stopping domestic violence, improving health and wellness, or bringing about job creation for the community, I am committed to working with anyone who will work with me to move the community forward and leave no one behind.”

​Here is a timeline of just some of the programs and initiatives created by or collaborated with Chief Ayers:

  • 1992 Selected to be a member of the first Prince George's County Police Department's Community Policing Unit.

  • 1994 Started the Police and Citizens Role Play Program to build trust between citizens and officers.

  • 1994 Started the "Be Aware of Your Surroundings" Program which taught citizens how to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of a crime.

  • 1994 Started Neighborhood Watch Programs throughout the District III Patrol District.

  • 1994 Selected to meet with President Bill Clinton at the White house and witness the signing of the Crime Bill to help hire 100,000 new officers.

  • 1995 Helped start a Senior Safety Programs within the District III Patrol District. (SALT and TRIAD)

  • 1995 Started neighborhood clean ups as well as partnered with the Christmas in April Program to address crimes that are increased by rundown streets and homes. Ayers has been House Captain for several homes over the years.

  • 1996 Helped train citizens in District Heights to start their Citizens on Patrol Program.

  • 2000 Created the Joint Agency Group (JAG) that conducted over 2,000 home visits to address social issues that contribute to overall crime in the community.

  • 2002 Started a Bullying Prevention Program.

  • 2004 Became a member of the Greater 202 Coalition that was created to keep the community informed and engaged in proactive programs and Initiatives.

  • 2008 Worked with community groups and Prince George's Health Department to address homelessness in the community.

  • 2008 Assisted in creating C-PAC (Community Public Awareness Council) and the first Juvenile Diversionary Program in the County.

  • 2011 Started a JAG Team to address problem houses and properties in the Town of Capitol Heights.

  • 2011 Started a yearly community cleanup initiative in Capitol Heights.

  • 2012 Partnered with the Town of Capitol Heights Summer Youth Leadership Camp. He has assisted with this camp from 2012 to 2016.

  • 2013 Restarted the Capitol Heights Police Explorers Program (Post 401). Providing a positive youth program to give experience to an individual that would like to go into a career in Law Enforcement.

  • 2014 Assisted with the 20743 Health Enterprise Zone to bring doctors’ offices back to the Capitol Heights community.

  • 2014 Created the Central Area Unity in the Community and started its first community parade and festival to address social issues.

  • 2014 Created a Stress Management Program for his officers to address police complaints.

  • 2014 Started the Capitol Heights Chaplain Corps. Sworn in seven pastors to become CHPD Chaplains that went into the community to address social issues, mentor CHPD officers and created Senior and Youth Programs. They also began a monthly senior outing called "Lunch with the Chaplains".

  • 2014 Restarted the DARE Program at elementary schools in Capitol Heights.

  • 2014 Started "Bike with the Chief" Program that allowed citizens to workout, once a week, by riding their bikes with him throughout Capitol Heights. It also allowed citizens to speak with the Chief on community concerns. Having a healthy community reduces crime.

  • 2015 Introduced the first Domestic Violence Vehicle in the State of Maryland. This vehicle was assigned to CHPD and Patrolled the community weekly, reminding citizens the importance to fight back against Domestic Violence.

  • 2015 Ayers partnered with LASER (Domestic Violence Awareness) and started the first Domestic Violence Prevention Program in two of Prince George's County Public Schools.

  • 2016 Ayers partnered with community groups and churches to work on reentry programs, job placement and expungement programs.

  • 2016 Ayers started an Anti-Fraud Program for Seniors.

  • 2016 Worked with community partners to address human trafficking and prostitution in the community. Was able to acquire training for his officers as well as citizens.

  • 2017 Under his leadership, the Capitol Heights Police Department was acknowledged by International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for outstanding Community Policing Initiatives. *May 2017 addition of Chief of Police Magazine.

  • 2017 Ayers helped start the Capitol Heights Collaborative Team (a large group of nonprofits and grass roots programs/groups that come together to assist citizens with social issues).

  • 2017 Collaborated with the Arc of Prince George's County on training First Responders on how to respond to incidents involving an individual with a disability.

  • 2017 Instructed at the Prince George's County Community College's Municipal Police Academy - Teaching Proactive Policing and Stress Management for First Responders.

Is it any surprise Chief Ayers has received numerous awards and honors for his outstanding law enforcement and committed work throughout the community?

If you ask him what he is most proud of, it is belonging to a family of “Blues”—officers that serve. From his parents who set the groundwork, to his wife who is a budget analyst with the U.S. Coast Guard, to one of his sons who currently serves as a police officer, and to one of his daughters who is a 911 Communications professional, Chief Ayers is extremely proud and honored to have family working in his field. Service in Chief Ayers’ family does not stop at the borders of Prince George’s County, the state of Maryland or even the United States. Chief Ayers has a sister who is a medical doctor, an OB/GYN. When she is not busy working in New Jersey, she is conducting medical mission trips to treat men, women and children in Ghana, Jamaica, and many parts of the developing world.

Chief Ayers lives in Bowie, Maryland with his wife Valencia. He is a devoted father to his daughters—Vanika, Kayla and Kelsey—his sons—Anthony Jr. and Bryce—and his grandchildren—Anthony III and Vania. (Did we mention he has five family pets and he cares for them all?)

​At a time in the United States when communities and law enforcement officers are working to find ways to come together, Chief Ayers stands out as a shining light—as an incredible beacon for the entire nation because he has already figured it out. He knows what to do, and he is doing it.  So, as Prince George’s County residents begin to think about who would be the best person to keep the peace and bring the county’s diverse communities together, increasingly residents are turning to an obvious choice because increasingly residents are learning that Anthony L. Ayers,Sr. is truly “The Community Guy!” 

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Ayers attended Bishop McNamara High School. After he graduated, remembering what he had

Chief Ayers believes safe and healthy communities are made up of safe and healthy people. It is collaborative efforts and partnerships that bring about

Chief Ayers has a reputation for being one of the best forward-thinkers, thought-leaders, and problem-solvers in law enforcement. His hands-on experience is unmatched. Two other programs Ayers initiated exemplify his reputation. The first one involves domestic violence where he introduced the first Domestic Violence Vehicle in the state of Maryland which is designed using the official symbolic domestic violence color—purple. The vehicle is named COURAGEOUS.​

“Purple is a symbol of peace, courage, survival, honor, and dedication to ending violence,” said Chief Ayers, “and that is why I had the vehicle done in purple. I also have officers assigned to this unit wearing purple shirts year round. I personally make it a priority to talk

to young people about the issue [domestic violence] long before they start dating. I even attend events with my wife because I want to show them what healthy relationships are supposed to look like.”

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